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Case Study 

Merimbula is magical! The heart of the Sapphire Coast (far south coast of New South Wales), Merimbula is blessed with pristine waterways, stunning beaches and breathtaking national parks.

The opportunity to work on a guide book and matching map to promote this part of Australia was one of our recent highlights. It gave us an opportunity to take an erstwhile booklet of some editorial and mis-matched ads, and working with both a writer and the client, to turn this promotional set into something more like a keepsake.

Christopher Nicholls • Merimbula Tourism


Booklet design • Large format map • Image selection and editing • Icon development • Close client liaison

Our two new publications were new concepts and designs for our flagship publications, our Guide and Map – quite a break from what we had before.

We needed a great designer to take us on this journey, and someone who could work with others involved in the project.

It was a challenge for us all, but Sharon and LGP not only came up with ‘the goods’, with truly wonderful designs and a superb outcome. Our visitors love them… And so do we!

Christopher Nicholls
Merimbula Tourism

Creative Process

Far beyond the standard report design which is the mainstay of LGP’s work, this project allowed the creative juices to flow but also posed challenges around version control and playing ‘tetris’ with a sometimes changing accommodation of components.

The brief for this suite was pretty much to take this flagship brochure and map – the mainstay vehicles to promote magical Merimbula – from a collection of mis-matched ads and turn it into something visitors would value and make a keepsake.

Of course the project hinged on some clever crafting of text (thanks to Nicole Leedham, Word Barista at Black Coffee Communication) but the creative layout was ours.

If you would like to see the whole Guide online, check out this Flipsnack version which we also coded for Merimbula Tourism!


Marketing as art

Of course this booklet and map combo was always a vehicle to carry ads for all of the wonderful businesses in the area, but when these components were given a similar treatment and melded with a story, it became something a bit more special, and hopefully a momento of this magical place.

Colours and icons

Inspired by the natural beauty in all the supplied images, we chose a palette and developed icons that would assist navigation throughout this 52 page A5 booklet.

Tetris challenge accepted

In a publication of this type, every square centimetre counts in the design. Balancing editorial copy, stunning images and ads into the allocated space for each section was challenging… especially when things morphed and changed, as they often do… We worked collaboratively and to tight deadlines to ensure the finished product was the best it could be!

And a map to go…

Beyond the Guide, we were asked to take maps developed by Excell Printing and reinvigorate the overall design and update all the details.


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