Pro bono project … because one good turn deserves another!

Case Study 

One of the major benefits of owning a successful business is the ability to give back to the community. Typically LGP’s pro bono work assists NGOs working in the environment and climate change space. But in 2020 that all changed when the Karma-counter served up an encounter that was a ‘meant to be’ partnership. 

Carmel Riethmuller and Diana Franchina • Chameleon House


Cookbook • Pro bono


Chameleon House would like to give special thanks to Sharon France, of Looking Glass Press, for her assistance and expertise in making our cookbook a reality.

We had no idea, but Sharon brought our idea to life. Without her, this cookbook would not have been possible.

Thank you from the heart of the community.

Carmel Riethmuller • Chameleon House

Creative Process

Chameleon House had gathered together a treasure trove of recipes, wanted to create a cookbook, but didn’t know where to start…

So what do you do when the universe plonks you in front of a the CEO of a great local organisation who want to produce a cookbook to promote their life skills program and do some fundraising, but they have no idea about publication design and printing? Well, you step up of course!

In 2020 it was my absolute honour to work with Carmel and her team at Chameleon House – a Redcliffe-based specialist homeless service that caters for 16–25 year olds – to make their cookbook dream come true.

And I have to say it was one of the most rewarding and fun projects I have worked on in a long time! The extra benefit? Finding some amazing, easy-to-follow recipes that have become firm family favourites. 


Starting from scratch

Carmel and her team not only needed assistance with design, but also advice about format and printing costs to help make their cookbook dream become a reality.

Organisation and structure

The cache of recipes were delivered electronically in alphabetical order, but with some consultation, and to make the book more logical and searchable, we reorganised entries into colour coded groupings of:

  • soups, dips and snacks
  • chiefly chicken
  • meat and more
  • vego variety
  • sweet treats
  • let’s eat cake!

Looking delicious

These wonderful recipes, many contributed by young residents from Chameleon House, deserved some support from great images and fun graphics. LGP searched for and found delicious food images and some appropriate food-related line art that added that little bit extra visual interest… and a whole bunch of fun!

Get on board

This is a great cookbook! It has a wonderful range of easy to follow recipes, is colour coded AND wiro bound so it opens flat! Winner!

You know you want one! Why don’t you email Chameleon House today and secure your copy, and have that added bonus fuzzy feeling of knowing you are also supporting Chameleon House’s Living Skills Program.

Does this story resonate with you? Is your organisation doing good things for people or planet and need a hand with promoting your work, particularly print-based material?

Perhaps you have tight timelines or a tight budget.

We should chat! We are full of bright ideas and great solutions and very happy to talk about meeting your needs whatever they are!


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